There are too many unwanted animals in this world and the only way we will eventually conquer the problem of homeless and abandoned animals is to make sure we pet owners do the responsible thing. Still, being spayed didn't prevent Sophia from falling head over heels. She was truly smitten. This is her love story. Unfortunately for Sophia it is more like a Greek tragedy.

I wasn't much worried when Sophia, my youngest cat, fell in love because I am a responsible cat owner and she had been fixed months before her infatuation took hold.  Still, it's sometimes hard when a mother has to sit by and watch her little four legged baby grow up. I guess it happens to the best of us. That was how I was feeling when I realized Sophia, my little, almost-grown cat, had fallen in love for the first time in her short life.

It all began when I went out shopping and came back with what turned out to be her new love interest. I didn't expect Sophia's reaction to the newcomer. I set it down on the floor when I walked in and went about putting my other purchases away. When I came out, Sophia had already made her presence known to the object of her affection. As a matter of fact she was in a mad embrace and completely oblivious to my presence. She was rubbing it all over while her four paws held on to it for dear life. There was no way anyone was going to separate them. Sophia was purring so loud I could hear her from the doorway. She was in the throes of absolute and complete ecstasy.

Now you may remember that Sophia has a brother by the name of Fellini. I have had them both since they were two weeks old. Until now they were inseparable and Fellini is very much Sophia's big brother, protector and constant play mate. It now appeared this was about to change.

Poor Fellini stood off to the side looking totally dejected as he watched this salacious scene between his sister and the interloper. Totally unimpressed and obviously feeling left out, he moved his attention to the container in which this newcomer had arrived. Just like any rejected male, he found it necessary to show his displeasure and proceeded to bat it around the room with a fierce resolve. It was apparent he held it responsible for alienating Sophia's attention and was intent on demonstrating his disapproval. I guess he thought that trashing the container would, in some small way, alleviate his hurt feelings.

I watched with fascination as Sophia continued in her attempt to attract the attention of her new friend. She was kissing it and gazing at it with longing in her eyes as she held on for dear life, her paws wrapped around its neck like she would never let go.

Unfortunately for Sophia, her new love interest didn't feel quite the same. In spite of these amorous overtures it just laid there and refused to react. It didn't respond to Sophia at all. Although Sophia bit it and rubbed is some more, purring her heart out, it just refused to return her affection. I wondered how long it would take her to realize the feeling wasn't mutual.

I wasn't looking forward to watching her inevitable rejection. Visions of my first dance came to mind. The boy I thought was the coolest cat in school never asked me to dance. He just ignored me too. I understood how Sophia was feeling. I could see the writing was on the wall and I was afraid she was in for the let down of her young life.

Why? Well, you see, her new love interest was my newly purchased toilet brush!

I may have to buy another one just to make sure she doesn't romance this one after it has already been used for the purposes it was meant for. Poor Sophia.

Who can explain what attracts us to another? She is not the first female to exhibit poor taste in her choice of a mate and she won't be the last.

This story does have a happy ending, somewhat. I have no doubt that as soon as Sophia realizes her affection is not going to be returned, Fellini will regain his position of favouritism in her life and the episode of Sophia's unrequited love will never be mentioned again.

© 2001 by Lynn Perrier

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