You made fun of Toby 
    but he showed you the way 
So remember forever 
    Toby saved you today 
Never make fun 
    of anything strange 
For you never know 
    what it was meant to change 
Tobys bushy tail 
    was as big as a kite 
It could clear off tables 
    with just one swipe 
But his tail looked different 
    for it had a white spot 
On the very tip 
    just a small dot 

The other cats loved to tease 
    and make fun 
And round and round him 
    they would yell and run 
Calling him names 
    like Pokey and Dot 
No one played with Toby 
    and he missed a lot 

The cats were going 
    for a weekly boat ride 
So Toby jumped in the boat 
    and under the seat he did hide 
They were going on an adventure 
    and looking for fun 
Toby hoped they didn't find him 
    before they were done 

Suddenly the sky 
    wasn't sunny or bright 
It started raining so hard 
    the cats had a fright 
The boat bobbed in the water 
    just like a top 
The water was dark 
    and the winds wouldn't stop

Toby knew he could handle 
      the boat without fear 
If only he could see 
      which way to steer 
He took over the boat and 
      in the air stood his tail 
Soon the boat stopped bobbing 
      for Tobys tail was the sail 

Then out of the sky 
     came a bright light 
Shining into the boat 
     where the cats held on tight 
It moved around slowly and 
     came to a stop 
Right on Tobys tail 
     on the little white spot 

With the bright light shining 
    off of his spot 
Toby could see where to steer 
    and where he could dock 
Then a loud voice roared 
    from out of the dark 
Not so fast you naughty cats 
    we need to talk 
Clothes or skin of another 
    may be different than yours 
Especially those 
    from faraway shores 
Don't laugh and point 
    whatever you do 
One day just like Toby 
    they might help to save you 

Lynn Perrier 
This is copy right material with all rights reserved and may not be copied or used without explicit permission of the author