For as long as cats have existed so have feline superstitions and folklore.  In parts of Europe a cat which enters a house of its own volition brings good luck. In Russia, couples make sure a cat moves into their new home to bring good fortune. In Japan a cat waved a forepaw to beckon a lord into a building saving him from a lightning bolt.  According to Buddhists dark coloured cats attract gold and light coloured cats brought silver. Many believe cats return to earth as a spirit of a departed loved one. Others believe cats return as a spirit reincarnation of their earthly body to watch over their human. The subject is fascinating and endless. If you are a believer, this story will confirm your beliefs. If you have doubts, perhaps this story will help you make up your mind. If you are absolutely a non-believer, well - I hope you will enjoy reading the story anyway.

I am a cat lover.  I love having them around and can’t remember a time when I didn’t have at least one. It has always been a mutual admiration with any cat I was lucky enough to be owned by.

In January of this year I lost my beautiful 17 year old kitty Bijou. Bijou was my “heart pet”.  A heart pet is the animal equivalent to a soul mate.  Nothing could describe Bijou better. She was a long haired beauty with a nose the color of bubble gum. I took her in when she was 3 weeks old and had been abandoned.  From day one she was special. I have never had a cat so in tune with my thoughts and feelings. She was the most gentle cat I have ever owned. I never once heard her hiss or show any sort of aggression. The only sound which came out of her was her incredible purring. Often when I was on the telephone, if she was on my lap, the person on the other end could hear her motor going.  She seemed to purr non-stop.

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I have often contemplated whether cats return in spirit form. True they are mystical and magical but do I believe?  

Maybe...... well............. sometimes. 

Since losing  Bijou however I truly wanted to believe she would return. Her departure was unbelievably final and a heart wrenching experience. I found myself watching for evidence she had come to visit in spirit form.  I did not see anything which, even in my wildest imagination, could be attributed to a spiritual visit.  

Not until last week.  

At last, I caught a fleeting glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye.  It lasted only a nanosecond and was gone. Imagination? Wishful thinking? I can’t say but for my peace of mind I have become a believer.

I have two cats now - Toby and Bonnie, 8 year old siblings. Toby is tranquil while Bonnie would be considered a stereotypical cat. She will  let you pet her when she is in the mood.  Don't even think about picking her up and cuddling. She is much too active to stay still for that. To get a better idea of Bonnie’s personality let’s just say she lives life on her own terms. To my surprise last week I found her sitting all by herself.  At the end of the hallway is the front entrance and a small landing at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the second floor. There she was, her back to me, facing the wall. A little strange because Toby and Bonnie are always together.  Through a narrow frosted glass window, down the side of the door, sunlight beamed in. Bonnie sat there looking up like she was seeing something no one else could see.  Her eyes were half open and she was bathed in the light looking ever so peaceful. She stayed like that long enough for me to go upstairs, grab the camera, come back down and snap photos.

I did not say anything at first fearing she would move before I captured the picture. After a few minutes I began to talk to her. She didn’t acknowledge me. Her ears didn’t flicker. No whisker twitched. She didn’t turn her head.  She remained motionless like she was in a trance. It felt like I was intruding on a very special moment and left her alone.  

What was Bonnie seeing? Neither Toby nor Bonnie have ever bothered with this area except as a means to get up or down the stairs.  A closer look at the picture shows she is not in front of the window but to the right of it slightly which means she is looking directly up at the wall in front of her yet there was nothing on the wall. She couldn’t see out the window. She is an indoor cat so she is not waiting to be let out. No one was outside and unless she is asleep she never sits for more than 30 seconds in one place.

One  photo in particular captured the essence of  the moment and it wasn’t until I showed it to a friend it started to make sense. I had forgotten Bijou often slept on the landing and my friend reminded me of a picture I took  last Halloween. I had a large bowl of candies sitting on the landing and Bijou got into it. She was larger than the bowl and I thought she looked so funny I took a picture. The bowl was where Bonnie is sitting in the photo. 
Was Bijous spirit communicating with Bonnie?

Do pets become spirits?

Can a departed pet come back for a visit?

Of course. Just ask Bonnie

Whether cat, or dog or bird or fish or whatever other pet you may have lost, if you watch closely, you never know when their spirit may pay a visit. 
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